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Why are Gaming Laptops so Ugly? (Well Explained!)

Let me make it very clear that not everyone considers gaming laptops Ugly. Some people may find them to look ugly. Although I love small laptops such as MacBook Air which I am currently using, I do love rugged gaming laptops as well. They are so aesthetic, and cool at times.

Bad looking gaming laptop

Considering you feel, gaming laptops are ugly, let’s find out, why it looks ugly or why people find them look ugly.

Quick Response:

Gaming laptops look a bit ugly because of their bulky size and design. They have bigger logos, and unusual designs which may look good to someone but most people don’t like such designs. Due to the need for high-performance GPU, CPU, and cooling systems, gaming laptops get bulkier, and they cannot be avoided too. But, the use of big logos, and the lightings are just for attracting gamers.

Gaming laptops are not designed to be visually appealing, they’re designed for performance. But why do these laptops have to look so bad? Think of how many people love playing games on their laptops and would want a good-looking machine to play on! There are some models out there with less-than-stellar looks but they come with high-performance specs.

Why are Gaming Laptops so Ugly?

The answer is simple;  Manufacturers want to produce the most powerful machine at the cheapest price possible. If they try to beautify it more, the extra cost will be added which will be a turndown for gaming laptops because they are already costly. More cost means less sales. Thus, the manufacturers are focusing more on the performance and less on the designs. For the design part, they just give laptops some unusual look, bigger loggers, and use some flashy lights.

If they made their machines look appealing, then you would expect them to cost more than $1000 or $2000. Instead of actually making better machines with good designs that cost more cash, they just produced models that at least aren’t ugly to the eye but solid inside because the thing that matters in gaming is the performance.

But, if you ask me, I will say that they should create laptops with both high-performance and good-looking designs! A machine can perform well but still, look attractive! The fact of the matter is, more companies need to realize this fact gradually, and if you compare the older gaming laptops and newer ones, you will find there are improvements in the overall look and feel.

Even Alienware has risen above producing these ugly machines and released an attractive model in the Alienware 13 R3. With a bit of hope, other companies will follow suit and make laptops that are both performance-driven and visually appealing!

So, to all the gamers out there who want a good-looking laptop with high performance, keep hoping. In time, your dream will come true!

Are Gaming Laptops a Bad Idea?

Well, it depends. Gaming laptops can be pretty good if you want a portable machine that isn’t as bulky as a desktop. Since they’re smaller and slimmer than desktops, they’re quite easy to take around with you – just slip it into your bag’s side pocket and you’re ready to go!

Moreover, gaming laptops are heavier than normal laptops. If you are one of a person like me who carries a very light MacBook Air laptop,  you will find the gaming laptops too heavy.

If you just want to get a gaming laptop because your desktop is too bulky and you’re on the move a lot, then it could be useful to have one. Just keep in mind that there are other options out there, probably for cheaper prices!

So, I would say, getting a gaming laptop is not a bad idea at all. But, if you require only general office work and browsing, it is not a wise decision to buy an expensive gaming laptop

So, the idea can be good or bad depending on the work you have to do.

Will I Run into Performance Issues?

If you have moderate work on the laptop, or even a heavy workload, you won’t run into any performance issues rather you will notice the performance of the gaming laptops is much better than the normal laptops. Moreover, if you compare it with a desktop, then the same configuration desktop will surely be better than a gaming laptop because laptops are compact, and heat may cause issues even with a dedicated cooling system. Desktop PCs have enough space for heat management. 

So, generally, you won’t run into performance issues with Gaming Laptops!

Why Are Gaming Laptops So Thick?

Manufacturers make gaming laptops thicker than normal because of the powerful components they need to fit inside, and also to have some room left for better heat management.

Normal laptops are designed for battery life and portability, so manufacturers can make them as slim as possible without compromising on power or efficiency. However, since gamers aren’t particularly bothered about how long their laptop lasts on a charge, manufacturers turn to bigger batteries to do the job instead because to power a heavy GPU, a power source must be good enough as well.

However, these bigger batteries take up a lot of space and so gaming laptops need to be thicker than your typical laptop. That said, there are some models out there with powerful specs that aren’t as thick as others – one of them is the Razer Blade!

4 Reasons Why Gaming Laptops Are So Heavy

I am going to discuss about their heaviness as well here because heaviness is what makes the gaming laptop ugly because they look so bulkier. 

1. Bigger Battery: That’s the whole point of a gaming laptop right? You’re not concerned about weight and portability.

2. Heavy GPU, Fast Processor, Extra RAM: Gaming laptops are made for performance. So, all the components must be of high performance. They are bigger and heavier mostly especially the GPU. That all collectively makes the laptop heavy.

3. Heavier Materials: The chassis of the gaming laptop is also made with heavy material to look cool and rugged.

4. Internal fans: All of that hardware especially GPU gets quite hot, so more fans are required to cool it and other components down. Some extra and heavy-duty fans are used which may be a bit heavier than normal ones.

Read more about why gaming laptops are heavy.

How To Check If a Laptop Is For Gaming?

  • Windows Experience Index: Well, if your laptop has a score of 5.9 or below then it’s just designed for the basics. Anything over 7 is great for gaming! You can check the Windows Experience Index yourself by following the guide on MOU.
  • RAM & Processor Speeds: If your laptop can handle a heavy load and handle a lot of processes at once, then it’s ideal for gaming.
  • Battery: Since gaming laptops are made for heavy use, they are fitted with a heavy battery. However, their battery life is not that great because of heavy use.
  • Graphics card: If you have an Nvidia GeForce GTX 950M or better, then you’ve got a gaming machine!
  • Display size: Anything over 17 inches is considered quite large for a laptop screen. A bigger screen allows for better graphics and is, therefore, more suited to gaming.

Out of all these, the most important GPU. If there is a heavy GPU, consider that a gaming laptop.

So, if you’re looking for a laptop that can handle your most demanding games then the 5 signs above should help you choose the right gaming laptop.

Are All Gaming Laptops Bulky, Heavy, and Ugly?

No, not at all. Not all gaming laptops are bulky and heavy. But, most of the dedicated gaming laptops tend to be bulky, heavy, and a bit ugly as well. And, also, not all gaming laptops are ugly as the manufacturers are trying to make beautiful looking gaming laptops to fulfill the needs of all types of users.

Why Do Gaming Laptops Have So Many Flashy Lights and Bold Logos?

Having many flashy lights and bold logos are not the requirements of a gaming laptop. These are kind of marketing tactics to attract teenagers who love rugged and cool-looking laptops. Although a professional person would consider gaming laptops ugly, teenagers would love them because of those lights, big logos, and aesthetic design patterns.

Do Gaming Laptops Sacrifice Style For Performance?

Yes, gaming laptops sacrifice the style, and overall look & Feel for performance. Performance is something that sets gaming laptops apart from other general laptops, and for that kind of performance heavy GPU, CPU, more RAMs, bigger cooling system, and bigger battery are fitted inside. These all are heavy-duty components, and thus they make the laptop look bulky and not so appealing.


To sum up, Gaming laptops are ugly to some and beautiful to some. Depends on the preferences. My sister’s son loves the look of his Acer Nitro gaming laptop, and in fact, he only loves the way the Gaming laptop looks. Performance is secondary for him.

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