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Lenovo Laptop Keyboard – Some Keys Not Working. How to Fix?

Are Lenovo Laptop keyboard keys not working in Windows 11? This is the query I have been reading here and there on the internet. I will guide you through to fix the issue.

Lenovo laptops are quite good but issues can happen with any device.  When keyboard keys don’t work out well, it is quite a big problem especially if you are a writer, coder, programmer even freelancer, things would be difficult for you to accomplish your jobs.

There are some easy methods that you can use to get the Lenovo laptop keyboard keys working. I will mention the fixes and you can try these fixes one after another, and I am pretty sure you will find your fix. 


Lenovo Laptop Keyboard Some Keys Not Working: Fixes

Here are some fixes you can try and see if it works for you or not:

Fix 1: Restart your laptop

Restarting is something that sometimes solves even bigger issues. So, when the problem is with computer devices such as phones, tablets, PCs, and laptops, at least once, try restarting. It may or may not solve all the issues but many issues are solved. And, there nothing much effort to restart. So, do that.

In this case, Lenovo laptop keys are not working, lets’ try restarting. First try simple restart, and if nothing happens, do this way:

  • Unplug the power chord.
  • Remove the battery from your Lenovo laptop.
  • Now drain the battery to nil of your laptop.
  • Then plug the power chord in and also attach the battery and see if it works or not.

In case it does not work moved to the 2nd fix.

Fix 2: Update keyboard drivers

Sometimes due to outdated keyboard drivers, keyword start behaving haywire or completely stops working. Thus, do update the keyboard drivers of your Lenovo laptop.

There are two specific ways to download new updated drivers:

Through Device Manager

  • One is by accessing the device manager and locating the keyboard drivers and then updating the current keyboard. Just right-click on the driver and select ‘update driver’.
  • Just do next and next you will get a confirmation dialog box confirming that all your drives are updated.

Through Lenovo’s official website

  • Visit Lenovo’s official website, and let Lenovo’s internal server detect your model. 
  • You can also type in the serial number and that will produce your Lenovo device.
  • On the left a list of options will appear, you need to choose ‘Drivers and Software
  • All dedicated drivers are there you can download them for your keyboard as well. ’. 

Fix 3: Check Dust and Debris

Sometimes due to too much dust and debris when accumulating in the keys, they may not work at all. So, look for it, and if you find dirt, just clean the keys in a proper way, and see if this works.

In order to clean debris you need to perform these important steps:

  • Slantly place your laptop vertically on its sides and take a brush and gently remove all the dust particles from your keyboard.
  • Inspect for any key damage, to check the health of your keys the best strategy is to press the keys on the corners of the left side and see if the keys work or not.

For more information on cleaning the keyboard, you can read my article about cleaning the Surface Pro keyboard. You can use the same process of cleaning for Lenvo keys as well.

Fix 4: Check for keyboard settings

Try to alter settings by these steps:

  • To set the keyboard settings in order you can move to the Windows search bar and then type in ‘ease of access’. 
  • You will see an option called ‘ease of access keyboard settings’. You need to select this option.

ease of access keyboard settings

  • As the window opens you need to scroll down and you will find the ‘make it easier to type’ option below are two checkboxes make sure to uncheck them. 

  • Try restarting the laptop and see if the keys are working again or not.

Fix 5: Try running the troubleshooter

Here are the steps:

  • Open settings and click on ‘update & security’.

  • Now select ‘troubleshoot.’

  • On the right of the menu, you will see an option called ‘additional troubleshooters’ Click on that option.
  • Go to Keyboards and click on ‘run the troubleshooter’.

Fix 6: Run a malware scan

Malware infections can sometimes interfere with keyboard functionality. Run a reliable antivirus or anti-malware scan to detect and remove any potential threats. You can use any traditional good mainstream antivirus for that, this includes Norton, Avast, and Quickheal depending on your preference. For added security, you can also keep Malware Bytes and run a full system scan.

Fix 7: Test in Safe Mode

Even after doing so many fixes, your Lenovo laptop keyboard keys still not working on Windows 11, then try to start your laptop in Safemode and see if that works.

Follow the instructions to enter safe mode.

From settings:

  • Open settings.
  • Click on ‘Update & recovery’.
  • Click on ‘Advanced startup.
  • Now click on Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Startup settings.
  • As the startup settings window opens make sure to press 4 or F4 for safe mode without network. 5 or F5 for safe mode with network connectivity.

From the sign-in screen

  • Press shift and then click on restart by clicking the power icon. This will initiate the startup screen.
  • Now simply type in 4 or 5/F4 or F5 to choose safe mode/safe mode with networking. 

Fix 8: Disable the Filter Keys feature

Filter keys can sometimes interfere with the process of functionality of the keyboards. To disable Filter keys perform the following steps:

  • Go to the Windows search bar and type in “ease of access’.
  • You will see an option appearing in the search window ‘ease of access keyboard settings’ Select it.
  • Now on the right-hand side of the window, you will see the ‘Use Filter keys’ row. Simply toggle it off.

Fix 9: Perform a system restore

Follow these steps: 

  • In order to perform a system restore go to the control panel and select ‘Restore’. Then on the Restore window click on ‘System Restore’.
  • Then select the last restore point and restart your PC. The last restoration settings will be restored on your PC.

Fix 10: Try any external keyboard and see if that works or not

Lenovo laptop keyboard some keys not working in Windows 11? To know exactly if the issue is a hardware issue, you need to connect an external keyboard to your PC and check whether the keyboard works or not. In case it works that means the issue is in the hardware of your laptop keyboard. For that, you need to visit a repair shop to fix your laptop, 

Fix 11: Unlock your keys

Lenovo laptop keyboard locked? how to unlock it?
At times, your laptop keyboard is locked and it doesn’t work at all. There is an easy fix for the same.

The Number keys can be locked and that’s a problem. If number keys are not working see the right section keys that are placed in a square there will be a key called ‘num lock’. Try pressing that key and see if it works or not.

What if the complete keyboard is locked?

Then, you can unlock that using keys

I understand how frustrating it can be when your laptop keyboard gets locked and you’re unable to type. No worries, I’m here to help! Let’s walk through the process of unlocking your laptop keyboard using the keys.

First, take a look at your keyboard and locate the ‘Fn‘ key. It’s typically found in the bottom left corner, near the Ctrl and Windows keys. This special key allows you to access additional functions or shortcuts when combined with other keys.

To unlock your keyboard, press and hold the ‘Fn‘ key while simultaneously pressing any other key on your keyboard. This combination varies depending on the laptop model and manufacturer, but it’s often the ‘Fn’ key along with the ‘F1‘ or ‘F7‘ key. You may notice a symbol or icon on the key that indicates it unlocks the keyboard.

Give it a try and see if your keyboard is unlocked. If it doesn’t work, don’t worry; there are a few other things you can check.

First, check your laptop for a physical lock. Some laptops have switches or sliders that can physically lock the keyboard, preventing you from typing. Make sure this lock is in the unlocked position, allowing you full access to your keyboard.


There can be multiple reasons why Lenovo laptop keys might not work, and so is the process of resolving and making the keys work. I have cited 11 such fixes and I am pretty sure one of these fixes can fix your issue as well. Make sure to perform the steps without error. 

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