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5 Computer Prank Ideas | 5 Prank Links to Send to Friends – 2023

Pranks are always good because it makes us laugh, and laughing is good for our health. It is more fun when the pranks are geeky. Yes, I mean computer pranks that you can play with those who work on the computer all day long.

Although I write mostly about laptop buying guides and laptop how-to guides, I thought to write down a fun post for my amazing readers to make them feel better.  Fun is always good to have!

Computer Prank Ideas and prank links
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In this article, I am going to talk about a few easy computer prank ideas and some prank links that you can send to your friends to play pranks with them. By the way, computer pranks can be played on laptops as well because a laptop is also a computer only! ha ha ha!

5 Computer Prank Ideas to Play Prank with Your Friends on Windows PC

1. Quick Shutdown Shortcut that looks like a Folder

The quick shutdown shortcut is something amazing that you can just make, and place on the desktop. When anyone tries to open it, the system will be shut down.

So, how to create it? 

Step 1: Go to your Laptop’s desktop, and launch a notepad.

Step 2: Paste this code there, shutdown -s -t 11000 -c “System error: Something Went Wrong”,  and save it as .exe file.

Step 3: Now, make sure to hide the extension of the file.

Step 4: Now, choose the icon of the file to a Folder which you can easily do.

Step 5: Change the file name to anything funny or something you want.

Now, that folder will look like a normal folder, but when opened, it will trigger the shutdown process quickly.

2. Make the Space Key Write SPACE every time it is pressed

This is an amazing and easy computer prank idea in which you make the space key of your friend’s laptop type SPACE every time he presses the space button. He will be annoyed when it happens. So, let’s see how to set it up.

Step 1: First of all, you need to download Autohotkey on your computer.

Step 2: Go to the desktop, right-click >> New >>  AutoHotkey script.

It will create a file with ‘H‘ icon on your desktop.

Step 3: Now, it is time to edit that script to put our own code. So, Right-click >> Edit script. It will open in Notepad.

Step 4: There will be some instructions that you read, and delete everything from that file.

Step 5: Paste this code


The first line of the code will hide the TrayIcon, and the second line will make the space key type SPACE when pressed.

Step 6: Save the file.

Step 7: Since we create the file in Notepad, it would be in text format only.  So, on the “H” icon that is made on the desktop, Right click >> Open With >> AutoHotkey.

open with autohotkey

Step 8: Now, again right-click the ‘H’ icon and click ‘Compile script‘ to convert the script into a .exe file.

compile the script

Step 9: Now, double-click the.exe file to launch it!

Now, whenever your friend will press the space key, SPACE will be written on the screen.

3. Set the Mouse Pointer to Look Always Busy

You can set the mouse pointer to look always busy and process something. The user will feel that his computer is hanging. But, actually, your friend is tricked.

So, how to do it?

This is one of the simplest pranks to set up. You just have to change the mouse icon to the icon that looks like processing something.

Go to Settings >> Mouse > Pointers and change the Normal pointer to the “Busy” one, and click OK

Now, the pointer will look as if it is processing but in reality, it isn’t!

This makes your friend worried about his laptop as he would thought that it started to hang.

4. Fart Attack

Fart Attack is an amusing prank that you can play on your office colleagues. To play the prank, simply wait for your colleague to step away from his computer. Once he goes away, install the Fart Attack Chrome extension. And, increase the volume of the speakers to high. (Yes! this prank is successful only if speakers are attached)

Now, just get away from your colleague’s computer, and wait for him to come and start using it. Now, when he starts working, and when he will click any link or button, the computer will make a fart sound. Now, every time he will click, there will be a fart sound. He will be amazed and surprised. He will be thinking about what is exactly happening.

I enjoyed playing this prank when I used to work in an office. It was hilarious to see my friends’ reactions when their computers made fart sounds. Although they all were embarrassed at first, they quickly realized it was just a prank, and we had a good laugh about it.

5. Hacker Typer

Do you want to make others feel that you are a hardcore hacker? If yes, you should make use of this Hacker Typer website, and just start typing anything on your keyboard. The screen will look like you are writing codes quickly, and your screen will look like a hacker’s. The friends in the office who are not geek kind of will be scared seeing this. They would think you know hacking, and if they mess with you, you can hack their social media accounts as well.

hacker typer

This is quite a funny prank to play on your friends. All you have to do is, go to the site, and start typing.

5 Prank Links to Send to Friends to Play Prank

6. Love Calculator {Funny Prank Link}

This is one of the funniest prank links that you can send to your friends to make them fool. The name of this tool is Love Calculator but it isn’t actually a love calculator but a trap. All you have to do is to go to this website, and fill in the details to create a link to Love Calculator.

You will get a link that you have to share with your friends and ask them to check their love percentage with their partners or crush.

Now, whenever someone tries to enter his or his girlfriend’s name to know the love percentage, you will receive an email with the names of both. This way, you get to know your friends and their Girlfriend’s name.

So, those who kept on hiding their partner’s name will reveal their names when you play this prank.

Isn’t it an amazing prank to play on your friends?

7. Prankmania

Prankmania is an amazing prank link to send to friends. First of all, go to Prank Mania’s website, and create a prank. Now, you will get a link to the prank. Now, send this prank link to your friend, and enjoy.

Prank mania

In this prank, you have to use your mind to set a title and add a good image that should be something good. Now, when you send the link, and when your friend will click on that, he will get to know that he got pranked. Overall, this is a great website to create prank links and send to your friends to enjoy.

8.  Do Not Press the Red Button

This is a very simple yet annoying prank link that you would love to send to your friends. Since, the website says, Do Not Press the Red Button, your friend will keep pressing the Red button, and he will be annoyed with the texts he will see there. Try it! it’s amazing.

9. Facebook Status Prank

You can generate a Facebook Status in a way that it looks like something amazing, and then you take a screenshot and send it to your friends making some stories. He will be amazed.

For example, I have made this…

fb prank

And, I can take a screenshot, send this to someone, and say that even Mark loves my site. It is a good prank to play. Although, nowadays people are smart, so making them fool with this easy prank, won’t be easy. But, you can try making something amazing, and enjoy.


This is an amazing prank website link that you can send to your friends if they need it. The site has a lot of prank options that they can use to play pranks with their friends. In fact, you can use any of those to play pranks on your friend as well.


Also, their website is amazing, you can see on the right-hand side, there are a few options, just turn them on, and see what happens. With the Harlem Shake option and sound, the website starts dancing itself. It is really an amazing prank website.

3 More Prank Website Links to Play Prank

11. When you open this website, you will see the old Windows XP, and you just click and see what happens. It looks like a Windows Simulator but that is not real. But, still, you will have fun.

12. Greatbigstuff: This is an actual website from where you can buy anything in its unusual size. Yes, if you want to buy a pen on this website, it will be a bigger one. It is a great website from where you can order some big stuff for your friends, and get them shipped to their place. It will be a fun and a great serious prank ever.

13. ShitExpress: This is a website from where you can order poop of any animal. And, you can get that delivered to any of your friends to make fun of. This would be a great prank and a big one. Your friend would love it when you find out that for playing a prank, you have gone this far.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there any computer pranks that can be harmful or damaging to a computer system?

Yes, there are many computer pranks out there that can damage a computer to some extent. I would advise you not to play such pranks.  For example, If you are deleting some important files, changing system settings, or installing malware could cause serious problems to the computer. So, it is better to not play so It’s important to always use caution and avoid any such pranks that cause any kind of issues to the computer.

Is it legal to play computer pranks on someone?

If the computer pranks you are playing are harmless, these are considered legal only. But, while pranking in the office make sure that you do not violate any office policies. It is a much better idea to play a prank after taking permission from the boss.

Moreover, it is much of a legal thing only. There is nothing illegal in it but make sure you don’t damage the computer system.

How can I come up with creative computer prank ideas?

If you want to come up with creative computer prank ideas, then you have to think about your target’s computer habits, interests, and sense of humor. And, then plan how you can make stories to trap your friend, and then play a prank.

What should I do if I accidentally damage a friend’s computer while playing a prank?

If you have accidentally damaged your friend’s computer while playing a computer prank, you need to take to responsibility and make things right quickly. You can either pay for the loss or do the replacement. Above all, you must apologize for this act.

Final Words

These prank websites and links are great to use for playing pranks on your friends. But, I would like to say that play prank with only those friends who don’t take such things at their heart. I know some people are not so good with pranks, and they take things very seriously. So, do consider this, and also, play pranks only to have fun, and not make fun of anyone.

So, these were the best computer prank ideas and funny prank links to play pranks in 2023.


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