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Why Gaming Laptops More Expensive than Desktops?

Gaming laptops are more expensive than their desktop counterparts for a variety of reasons. Some laptop manufacturers need to produce laptops that can handle the heat and power consumption of high-end graphics cards, while others have multiple components in one case, such as an SSD drive and a hard drive or two hard drives.

Now the question arises that Why are Gaming Laptops more Expensive than Desktops?

Now the question arises that Why are Gaming Laptops more Expensive than Desktops

Here are 10 reasons why you have to pay more for a gaming laptop than a desktop.

1) Processor

Gaming laptops have powerful processors, which you can’t find on a desktop or a Laptop for under $1000. All high-end laptops come with at least one quad-core processor and two video cards, along with 8 GB of RAM.

2) RAM

Gaming laptops have a large capacity of RAM that ensures lag-free gaming sessions. Gamers don’t want their games to run slow, so they equip their systems with enough memory.

3) Video Cards

One video card in a powerful laptop is equivalent to two or three desktop cards put together. You can play the latest games on a modern laptop, but desktop upgrades are prone to bottlenecks.

4) Graphics Card

Gaming laptops have powerful graphics cards that can handle high-end games without lagging. Most laptops contain two or three dedicated graphics cards and an additional integrated card for regular usage.

5) Storage:

Gaming laptops have large storage space; you can find a gaming laptop with up to 512 GB of solid-state drive (SSD) storage, which is faster than ordinary hard drives or hybrid drives.

6) Display

A high-quality display is a key to smooth gameplay and it’s difficult to find a wide-screen laptop in an affordable range. Gaming laptops have screens up to 120 Hz with a 7 ms response time, which means they’re great for fast-paced games.

7) Heat Dissipation & Noise

Gaming laptops are equipped with multiple fans and can produce a lot of noise. You will have a great experience playing games on a laptop that has the ability to handle heat dissipation and sound.

8) Portability

A gaming laptop is usually heavier than a regular laptop because it requires more cooling, a bigger screen, and other components. If you’re a gamer, you don’t care about weight or size, but if you’re a regular user, then it may be difficult for you to carry the laptop from one place to another.

9) Price

The price of a gaming laptop depends on its hardware and software configuration. For example, in order to play the latest games at a high resolution, you need to have a high-end laptop with an expensive configuration that’s usually available in the market for $2,500 or above.

10) Warranty

Most of the time warranty doesn’t include damage caused by liquid spilling, physical damage, and manufacturers defects.


Well, these were the few main and most costly reasons why Gaming laptops are more expensive than Desktops. Hope you enjoyed reading this article till the end.

FAQs – About Why are Gaming Laptops more Expensive than Desktops?

Q1. Which is a better option between a laptop and a desktop?

It depends on what you are looking for. If you want portability, then laptops are the best choice for you, but if your priority is gaming, then laptops are not recommended by experts because they don’t have enough internal space.

Q2. Do laptops have good performance?

Yes, they do because most gaming laptops come with high-end processors, multiple video cards, and large storage space to handle graphics-intense games. It’s difficult for a laptop to provide great performance if it has an integrated graphics card or a single video card.

Q3. Which laptops have a widescreen?

Almost all gaming laptop brands come with a widescreen, but be cautious about getting an affordable model. You can find high-quality models online that are within your budget range of $1000 or less.

Q4. What’s the difference between an integrated, dedicated, and hybrid video card?

The integrated video card handles all the processes on a laptop’s processor, so it doesn’t have power for high-end gaming. It can run basic games, but you won’t enjoy them.

Q5. Which laptops are durable and long-lasting?

You will find that most of the brands come with a standard warranty of one or two years along with a guarantee for an additional year. This means that the laptop you buy will serve you for at least three years, even in case of physical damage and manufacturer defects.

If I have missed out on something important, please let me know through your valuable comments below.

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