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Are Asus Laptops Good?

When we talk about laptops, there are so many brands in the market. Asus is one of those laptops loved by many.  So, Are Asus laptops really good? 

Let’s find out in detail about Asus as laptop brand.

Asus started from very humble beginnings. Today, this Taiwanese Electronics giant is able to innovate Laptops at a much faster pace than any other conventional Laptop company. Asus is quite a hit among people because of its sensational styling, affordable price, and high-end gaming laptops.

Asus’s ability to deliver can be gauged from the simple fact that it has amassed 1800 awards worldwide under various parameters of Laptop parts and features. In this article, I will dive deep to explain how Asus does the unthinkable and whether are they any good compared to other giants in the Laptop market.

Are asus laptops good

What Makes Asus Different?

Laptops in Different Price Tiers

Asus stands different because of its commitment to delivering a wide range of laptops for all. Its Laptops grace the market in every price tier. It is often said that Asus’s gaming laptops are what makes the brand what it is today. They have some of the best gaming laptops worldwide. The gaming laptops of Asus are quite high-end and come at a premium price.

Its cheap laptop options get into controversies because of cheap hardware quality. But its average Laptops do relatively well. For example, Asus ZenBook 14 UX433 is powered by a core i7, Intel UHD 620 graphics, a 16 GB of RAM. These top-class specs cement the quality and commitment Asus has for its people. 

Development of Laptop Parts Inhouse

Another thing that works in favor of Asus is its dedication to making chipsets and motherboards from scratch and not depending on any other company for their basic development. This brings down the price and Asus has rightly invested in their company’s domain for developing qualitatively superior laptops. For instance, 19,000 people from R&D have been pushing innovation in Asus. This has to be the largest R&D working force in any Laptop company.

Price and Affordability

Price and affordability are in relation to the overall picture. Many ASUS laptops actually are very costly almost equivalent to Mac books, these are gaming laptops with huge processing speeds and have heavy graphics support installed. It also features many affordable models. The best in line has to be its average-priced laptops.

Asus Strength vs Weakness

Like any other prominent brand, Asus has its fair share of strengths and similarly can also be told about its weaknesses. In this piece, we will dig deep and try to understand these strengths and weaknesses in broad detail:

Some of Asus’s Prominent Strengths

ASUS Brand Name

ASUS might be a little off and is assumed inferior to some of the bigger names in the Laptop market, but its appeal and brand friendliness are quite high. Even so that the Asus company attained a massive surge in revenue, and it was also awarded the most trusted Laptop Company along with Toshiba another illustrious electronics brand.

When I moved from PC to laptop, I only knew a few brand names such as HP, Dell, Apple, and Acer. Later I came to know Asus. Still, there are newbies who know more about HP, and Dell than Asus. But, that doesn’t mean Asus is inferior. It is just that it is not so popular as them but still it is a great brand, and people from tech industry who know all the techs, do get Asus laptops because they are of good quality.

Green ASUS Project 

Asus is also quite popularly known for its flagship Green Asus Project emphasis has been laid on environmentally friendly practices in manufacturing laptops.

Quality Workforce

As stated in other points, ASUS has one of the most competent workforce trained in efficiency and assisting ASUS laptops to stand out. It has some of the best employee engagement programs. It rewards growing workers and it also makes sure that employees get the best of scientific education assisting the company to do top-notch innovation. 

Market share

Market share is another factor. Asus stands out because it has the in-house capability of making the most sophisticated chipset and motherboard development. It occupies 8% of the entire motherboard manufacturing market.

Some of Asus’s Weaknesses

Scaling issues

ASUS has quite a considerably inferior distribution network when compared to its peers. ASUS is not comparable to Lenovo as it produces only 30% of what Lenovo produces in Laptops. It produces 15% of what IBM and 12% of what Apple produces.  That is the reason, these brands are in more limelight than Asus. Also, since they make so many laptops, they are reaching more customers, and that is the reason of Lenovo making a great name among the customer in the crowd of so many brands.

Weak Product Marketing

To sell a product apart from the kind of quality and product development it offers is one section and the other section depends also upon the advertising pitch. Some companies like ASUS fail to recognize the importance of having a campaign to sell their laptops and PCs. Hence, they fall short on sales. If we compare ASUS to Apple, which is a giant in marketing, as well as Lenovo with its marketing campaigns across various mass mediums, it significantly falls short to deliver better margins and numbers.

Legal Disputes

Another reason why ASUS suffers is because of the long-standing legal battles it had to fight. In 2016, there was a case where the ASUS system software was found to be vulnerable which was televised during an ad campaign for WiFi in the same year. Instances like these create a negative image of the company and this causes a lot of problems at a multitude of levels affecting sales and revenue due to the negative perception among the current customer base.

Few Top Tier Laptops

Though the scenario is changing it is not the early situation anymore where ASUS has only a few standalone laptops. As long as Gaming laptop is concerned, Asus is doing quite well but when it comes to low-budget tier laptops, they do not perform at the expected level as per the requirements of today. ASUS does not have a top laptop model in medium and budget-friendly Laptop categories when compared to Dell, HP, Lenov, or Apple. 

ASUS Product Lineup

ASUS Chromebook Flip C433

Chromebooks are budget-friendly slim laptops that are convenient to use whenever required. It has a small scream and utilizes the Chrome OS operating system. Lucid touch and nano edge display are often part of the newer laptops. Do remember that Asus’s Chrome OS laptops cannot run Windows apps. You require Chrome version software and Play Store alternatives to run different variants.

Asus Chromebook flip

ASUS Chromebook Flip C433 comes with a 360-degree rotating hinge offering flexibility and a nano edge bezel display some other features:

  • Comes with 14-inch Touchscreen Full HD 1920×1080 4-way NanoEdge display.
  • Fast processing with Intel Core m3-8100Y Processor (up to 3.4 GHz)
  • It has 8GB LPDDR3 RAM
  • It comes with  64GB eMMC storage
  • It has 2 USB Type-C (Gen 1) and 1 Type-A (Gen 1) ports.

ASUS VivoBook 14 Slim Laptop Computer

If you are a student and think that are Asus laptops good for students? then, let me introduce Asus Vivobooks.

Yes, it is good and preferably if you go to a shop asking someone to provide you with a student-friendly ASUS laptop they will show you a Vivobook model. Vivobooks are versatile laptops of ASUS. You will find a laptop with a screen sizes of 11-inch screens to 19-inch screens in the same segment. These laptops are designed specifically to do light work. But regardless, you can also do some video editing and play light games by installing a video card. Vivobook Pro and Vivobook 2 are some of the popular variants where you need a little advanced system. 

Asus vivobook

Let’s talk about Asus Vivobook 14

ASUS Vivobook 14 is the best there is in the market for design and durability. It comes with WiFi band 5 and fingerprint sensor authentication technologies. Some of its other amazing features are.

  • Powered by 11th Generation Intel Core i3 processor.
  • Stands at 3.3lbs in weight.
  • Features 14-inch NanoEdge display,  
  • Comes with IPS-level wide-view FHD panel and Anti glare-coated screens
  • It has a full-size backlit keyboard.
  • Its storage capacities include 4GB DDR4 RAM and 128GB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD.
  • Comes with a dual-band Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac).

ASUS ZenBook Pro 15 OLED Laptop

Asus Zenbook laptops are another amazing group of laptops that are very durable. Zenbooks are meant to be used in rough spaces. These laptops are extremely powerful and can survive a physical crash. ZenBook also comes in 2 in 1 Flip model which can become both a laptop and a tablet depending upon the requirement.

Let’s talk about Asus ZenBook Pro

ASUS ZenBook Pro 15 OLED Laptop is what you want a good laptop to be like. It has some of the best features there is including 8 cores Rhyzen 9 processor. This is one of ASUS’s top picks for gaming. It comes with a facial recognition sensor too.

Asus zenbook pro

Here is a more detailed feature:

  • Comes with 15.6 inch 400 nits FHD OLED NanoEdge bezel touch display.
  • Has NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti 4GB GDDR6 graphics.
  • Its storage capacities include 1TB PCIe NVMe SSD with 16GB DDR4 RAM.
  • It also comes with a facial recognition camera.
  • Port connectivity features include HDMI 2.0b, USB 3.2 Type-A, USB 3.2 Type-C and  2-in-1 card reader SD/MMC.
  • Wireless connectivity features includes  Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac), Bluetooth 5.0.

ASUS ROG Strix G16 (2023) Gaming Laptop

If you are a gamer, you would be thinking are Asus laptops good for gaming?, then I would like to tell you that Asus laptops are superb for gaming.

ASUS comes with an exclusive ROG series also known as Republic of Games. These laptops are all made for games and they can fully function on TUF platforms. Let us look at an ASUS ROG Laptop Variant, Asus ROG Strix G16.

Asus rog strix

ASUS ROG Strix G16 (2023) Gaming Laptop is a rare amazing Laptop system that has it all. It plays the heaviest games like a breeze. Comes with i9 processors and with Windows 11, this is what you need in terms of a well-made gaming PC. Are Asus laptops good for gaming? If that’s your question ASUS has already answered it with a bang. Some other features include.

  • Has a powerful integrated graphics card, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 Laptop GPU at 140W Max TGP.
  • Extremely fast memory and storage function including 16GB of DDR5-4800MHz memory with 1TB of PCIe 4×4.
  • Because of its excessive power running feature it also comes with Thermal Grizzly’s Conductonaut Extreme liquid metal on the CPU, and a third intake fan.
  • Swift screen ability can be found because of Strix G16 which has a fast FHD 165Hz.
  •  Its display screen comes with Dolby Vision, Adaptive-Sync support.
  • Comes with a MUX Switch which increases laptop gaming performance by 5-10% by routing frames directly from the dGPU to the display.

Is Asus Laptop better than the Dell?

Both Asus and Dell laptops are great brands, and they both are good in their own way. Asus is well known for its gaming laptops whereas Dell is popular in the corporate world.  You will hardly hear from someone about Dell gaming laptops because when it comes to gaming, Asus and Acer are dominating the market.

So, whether is Asus better than Dell somehow depends on how you use it. For gaming, go for Asus, and if you are a business person, Dell would be a better choice in a good price.

How Long Do Asus Laptops Last?

Asus laptops generally last for 3-5 years as per their own opinion. However, if you keep your laptops in a good way, and your day-to-day usage is not much, then it may work for more than 5 years as well. but, yes, the average lifespan of Asus laptops is 3-5 years.

Are Asus Laptops Good for Gaming?

Yes, Asus laptops are good gaming. In fact, their gaming laptops are so great that they are leading in the market of gaming laptops. They use high-quality, high-performance GPUs to power their gaming laptops.


ASUS has some of the best laptops there is on the market today. In this piece, I have elaborated descriptively on what makes ASUS better than others. I have also provided analytical solutions to the question of choosing ASUS, I have compared strengths and weaknesses and the enormous laptop options it offers in both affordable and costly segments. 

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