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How Much Does the Average Laptop Weigh?

The weight of a laptop is one of the most important factors which you consider while buying a laptop. Laptops are well known for their portability because that is the biggest reason people are shifting from desktops to laptops.

Generally, laptops weigh around 2 – 8 pounds (0.90 kg to 3.5 kg). there are different factors for a laptop to have low weight or more weight.

A lightweight laptop allows easy portability when going through airports or other places where luggage must be carried by hand. Let’s find out how much does a laptop weigh, and what factors are there that impact the weight of the laptop.

How much does a laptop weigh
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Factors that Affect a Laptop’s Weight

As per my experience, and research, I find Lenovo makes lightweight laptops, and thus, it is quite popular with college-going girls and boys. And, also those who travel a lot, do like Lenovo for their lightweight laptops. It would be difficult to check out all the Lenovo laptop's weights, so I made a list of 6 laptops here, and have written their weight. 

Based on the list below, we can conclude that the Lenovo laptop's average weight is 1.47 KG. Approximately, it looks like an average Lenovo laptop weight can be considered 1.5 KG.

Laptop ModelWeight (kg)
Lenovo Legion 5 Pro2.45 kg
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 91.13 kg
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Nano0.96 kg
Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 71.36 kg
Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Gen 21.44 kg
Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 Pro1.45 kg

How Much Does a Dell Laptop Weigh?

Dell Laptops range from 1.2 Kg to 3.28kg of weight, and the average weight as per this list would be 1.6KG. But, there are various laptops of Dell of different weights and the average weight is somewhere around 2KG. Dell laptops are generally heavier than Lenovo laptops in general. Moreover, different laptops may have different weights.

Laptop ModelWeight (kg)
Dell XPS 13 93101.20 kg
Dell G7 17 (7700)3.28 kg
Dell Precision 75502.97 kg
Dell Latitude 73201.12 kg
Dell Inspiron 15 30001.96 kg
Dell Alienware m15 R52.63 kg

How Much Does HP Pavilion Laptop Weigh?

HP Pavilion laptops are quite lightweight and best fit for office-going people. The average weight of HP Pavilion laptop based on our list is 1.3 KG. However, if we compare all the HP pavilion laptops out there based don't their weight, the average must be around 1.5kg-1.6KG.

Laptop ModelWeight (kg)
HP Pavilion x360 141.61 kg
HP Pavilion 151.85 kg
HP Pavilion Aero 130.99 kg
HP Pavilion 141.41 kg
HP Pavilion Gaming 151.98 kg
HP Pavilion 131.32 kg

How Much Does a Mac Laptop Weigh?

Apple Macbook laptops have fair weight, and when it comes to their Air laptops, they are quite light. Based on the list below, the average weight would be 1.4KG. 

MacBook ModelWeight (kg)
MacBook Air M1 (13-inch)1.29 kg
MacBook Pro M1 (13-inch)1.4 kg
MacBook Pro M1 (16-inch)2.0 kg
MacBook (Retina, 12-inch)0.92 kg
MacBook Air (11-inch, 2015)1.08 kg
MacBook Air (13-inch, 2015)1.35 kg
MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2015)1.58 kg
MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2015)2.04 kg

Although nowadays other brands are making lightweight laptops as well, Apple has been producing lighter laptops for years, and other brands have copied their idea to produce lighter ones to compete with Macbooks.

How Much Does Gaming Laptop Weigh?

Gaming laptops are heavier than normal laptops because of the heavy components used in the making. Most of the dedicated high-end gaming laptops would be more than 2KG, and they can go up to 4Kgs. However, a good weight should be less than 2.5KG for gaming laptops.

How Much Does A 17-inch Laptop Weigh?

A 17-inch laptop is a type of laptop that has the size category of '17 inches'. A 17-inch laptop weighs on average 2.8 kg. here are a few I have listed along with their weight.

Laptop ModelWeight (kg)
Dell G7 173.3 kg
ASUS TUF Gaming A172.6 kg
LG Gram 171.35 kg
MSI GE75 Raider2.64 kg
HP Envy 172.73 kg
Acer Predator Helios 5004.6 kg

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What can I do to make my laptop lighter?

If your laptop has CD/DVD player, you can remove that as you hardly get to use CDs/DVDs nowadays. Further, after buying, there is not much you can do to make your laptop lighter. So, if you want a lightweight laptop, you should be careful about it before buying, and once you decide to buy, make sure you have chosen the lightweight one.

How does the weight of a laptop affect its portability and ease of use?

It depends on person to person. You may or may not like to work on heavy laptops. For example, I love 13 inch small and lightweight laptop as I find it cool to work on it. But, some people may like a heavier and bigger laptop. Generally heavier laptops are not easy to manage when you have to go out taking it along.

Are there any lightweight laptops available that still offer good performance and features?

Of course, there are so many lightweight laptops that offer good performance such as ultrabooks, Chromebooks, and even Apple Macbooks. Moreover, lighter laptops may not be as powerful as high-end gaming laptops.


In today's world, most people use laptops on a daily basis. Laptops are manufactured with different weight capacities and the average laptop weighs between 3-5 pounds. If you're looking to buy a new computer for your office or home, make sure that it is lightweight enough to carry around without any issues or pain in your back!

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