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15 Best Laptop Gift Ideas (Lovable And Practical) in 2023

In the early days, people gift someone when they meet them on their birthday or on some occasions but in the world where we can just order a gift online, get them packed online in a gift wrap, and get that delivered to someone, there is no need to physically present to gift something to your dear ones on their birthdays or anniversaries or any other occasions.

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Nowadays, almost all of us spend time with computers and laptops, so why not gift your dear ones some of the best laptop gifts? There can be some of the best laptop gift ideas, and laptop accessories gift ideas.

Laptops are pretty expensive, thus, not everyone can afford a good one. If any of your close relatives or your niece or even your girlfriend is waiting to get a laptop, you can surprise them by presenting them with a good laptop. Moreover, if your girlfriend has a laptop and she is a geek kinda girl, you can gift her some laptop accessories such as a good Mic to record audio for making videos or anything she would need.

Considering these things in mind, I have jotted down a big list of 15 Laptop Gift Ideas that are lovable and quite practical in 2023. Let’s check out the list. So, let’s check out the list of the best gifts for laptop users.

15 Laptop Gift Ideas That Are Lovable And Practical

1. A Laptop Sleeve Or Case – Best Laptop Gift Idea

Most of us buy a laptop, and we get a laptop bag with that. But, just putting your laptop in your bag isn’t safe because in the bag you keep the charger USB, and other things that may scratch the laptop’s surface which makes it look bad. Thus, a Laptop case can be a great option to gift someone who has an expensive laptop. This is probably the best laptop gift idea for them because not only the case will keep the laptop safe but it looks classy when you take it out from your bag, and then unzip it to take out your laptop in before a meeting. 

When I bought Macbook Air a few years ago, it was a costly one for me, and I used to keep that in the bag only but recently 2 years ago, I gifted myself a laptop case which is awesome. Although it is quite old now, here I am sharing its pics

laptop case  laptop sleeve
laptop in the case

You can check this on Amazon. If this doesn’t fit your needs, you can check more on Amazon.

I am 100% sure that when you gift this to someone, he/she will be happier because it is the perfect companion to the laptop. One thing I would like you to keep in mind is that while buying such a laptop case, be wary of the size of the laptop because for different sized laptops different-sized cases are there in the market. The one I recommended is for a Macbook Air or any laptop of the same size.

2. A Laptop Stand to Elevate the Laptop

If you have someone in your known who works most of the time on a laptop and is facing neck and back pain. Then A laptop stand will be a great gift for him/her. This gift is so lovely as it shows how much care for that person. It is practical too because practically this improves the overall posture of the user, and it helps relieve neck and back pain.

Basically, the laptop stand elevates the laptop to the right height where you can look at the screen without bending or looking down. This way, your posture improves as well, and neck/back pain will get better as well. 

Laptop cases are made in a way that you can adjust the height and bending as per your choice and comfortability. Personally, I don’t use a laptop case because I find it uncomfortable to work.  But, once you are used to it, it is good for overall back and neck health. My friend Zak is using this one for his personal use. He is into typing work and types a lot every day. When I asked him, he stated that ever since he started using a stand, he felt that his neck pain went away.

Laptop stand

3. A Laptop Tray Table That Also Becomes A Tablet Holder

Is your friend laptop-holic? And, you want to make her happy on her birthday with a great laptop accessories gift idea?

If yes, there is nothing better and cheaper than a Laptop Tray which is not only useful for keeping a laptop on that but can hold a tablet or phone as well. If she is one of those people who use her laptop and tab together, this laptop gift idea is the best as she will have both of her devices right in front of her in a well-managed manner.

Laptop tray table

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Laptop users always have a problem trying to use their laptops when they’re in bed so this gift idea is perfect for work-from-home professionals or college students. Especially, girls would love this gift as they love to work while sitting on the bed.

4. Laptop Cooling Pad (Laptop Cooler)

A laptop cooling pad is one of the best things to gift your dear ones who work on their computer on a stretch. For long hours of working, laptops may get heated which affects the overall performance of the laptop. Thus, a cooling pad is required to keep the laptop cool. 

laptop cooling pad

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If you have a gamer in your house, a cooling pad is a must to gift him for his laptop. This would be the best laptop gift idea for a gamer.

5. Wireless Mouse and Wireless Keyboard

If you have a table and chair where you sit and your laptop is on the table. And, you are a hardcore gamer. At times, you will feel like sitting on the couch nearby and playing games. In that case, a wireless mouse and wireless keyboard will be good choices to have because keeping the laptop on the table, you can still go to the couch, and play games using the wireless mouse and keyboard. Thus, it can be a great laptop gift that you can present yourself or to someone whom you want to give.

gaming wireless mouse

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wireless gaming keyboard

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6. A Laptop Car Charger – May Require Just In Case

If you have to travel a lot by car, and you have to carry your laptops for business meetings and work, it is a good idea to gift yourself a Laptop Car Charger which will help you charge your laptop in the car. That is really a lifesaver sometimes.

Laptop car charger

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7. 1TB External HDD

You can gift 1TB of external storage to someone who has no space left on his laptop. Especially for those who are using Macbook Air or similar laptops with inbuilt 128GB SSD, it is very important to have external storage for storing heavy files and folders. So, this could be a great laptop gift idea for your loved one.

HDDCheck more details of this HDD

8. Laptop Bag

If your sister has a laptop, and her laptop bag has gone old, you can gift her a brand new girly laptop bag that she can flaunt so well in her college. If it comes to laptop gift ideas, there would be nothing better than this for a girl.

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9. Headphone

Many of us love to listen to songs while we work.  When you are doing some repetitive task like data entry or something else, music surely improves the speed of work. But, when you code or write an article, music may not help much but rather won’t let you focus. So, if someone in your family does a job that needs repetitive work, then you can gift them good headphones for listening to songs while working. Moreover, they can use those headphones off work as well.


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10. Webcam Cover Slide

The laptop’s camera is everyone’s favorite because it gives you ease to quickly get up on a meeting call without the need for a separate webcam. The problem with the laptop camera is there is no shutter to cover it when it is not in use.

webcome cover slide

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Thus, you can gift a webcam cover slide to your loved one who may need it. You can use the cam, and when there is no need, just cover it with the slide. It is good for your privacy because in the hi-tech world, you never know when your camera is hacked, and you get recorded without your knowledge. This is an amazing laptop gift idea that gives optimum security.

11. Laptop Power Bank

Power Bank for a laptop can be one of the best laptop accessories gift ideas as it can charge a 15-inch laptop to charge it fully. With this power bank, you can travel without thinking much about battery backup. You can just charge your laptop with this when there is no power outlet nearby. It can really save your day in an emergency.

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12. Screen Cleaner Kit

Screen cleaner kit is good for laptops, smartphones, eyeglasses, etc. to clean them up quickly. Cleaning the gadgets’ screen is important so that they stay spotless, and you see the screen clearly. Thus, gifting a cleaner kit to someone must be a great laptop gift idea because most people don’t actually keep such a kit.

cleaner kit

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These were the best laptop gift ideas that you can try out to gift your loved ones on their birthdays or any other occasion. 

13. Keyboard Cleaning Gel

Cleaning gels are good for cleaning keyboards because cleaning the gaps between the keys is difficult. All you have to do is apply the gel on the keyboard, and then take it out, all the dirt will stick to it and come out of the keyboard gaps.

Keyboard cleaning gel

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This is an amazing Laptop gift for those who really want to keep their laptop accessories neat and clean

14. Laptop Keypad Cover 

Again, this gift idea is for those laptop enthusiasts who love to keep their laptops neat and clean. A keypad cover makes sure to keep it clean. Even if some crumbs fall on it if you are eating while working, you can just take the cover and remove the crumbs and dust. And, then again put that back on the keypad.

Keypad cover

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15. Laptop Skin Sticker

If your sister loves her laptop, you should definitely gift her a beautiful laptop skin sticker that improves the overall look of the laptop. You can gift such a sticker that matches her personality, and she will love it. You can even gift it to anyone you want. Such as I gifted this sticker to my wife when she bought a brand new laptop for her.

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You can find different-looking skin stickers on Amazon. You can gift anyone as per their personality and liking. 


Doubtless, I have given you the best Laptop Gift Ideas in this article. Moreover, there would be many more such gift ideas that you can look at and think of. Just don’t gift anything you want rather gift something that is useful for the person whom you are gifting, and it should show your love and care as well. So, this was the best laptop gift idea for you. I would love to read your thoughts. Please write them in the comments.

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