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How to Use a Laptop as a Monitor for Nintendo Switch

One of the most asked questions about Nintendo Switch is How to Use a Laptop as a Monitor for Nintendo Switch since many people like playing games on laptops for their convenience. But you can’t just treat a Nintendo Switch like an ordinary gaming system without knowing some basic information about its features first. So what should you know? Keep reading to find out more.

Nintendo Switch is a great console if you want to play your favorite games on the go, but most people use it as a home gaming system. In this case, you need a TV or monitor to see what’s going on in each game. After all, you can’t prop up the Nintendo Switch tablet and expect to have enough space for both your hands and your game screen.

What do You need to Know About Nintendo Switch?

How to Use a Laptop as Monitor for Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch

Your Nintendo Switch tablet is probably the most important part of your gaming system since it provides you with a screen and buttons for gameplay. It also lets you connect controllers at the sides so you can get even more control over what’s going on in your games. And if you want accessories, you can snap them onto the side of the console so it’s ready for use.

The Switch Dock is another essential part of having a Nintendo Switch that you need to know about if you want to play games on a laptop. The dock connects your game system to your TV or monitor and then transfers video signals to the screen through an HDMI port. After that, you can easily connect controllers to the sides of the Nintendo Switch dock so you don’t lose control of your game no matter what’s happening.

Nintendo Switch doesn’t actually have an HDMI port on its tablet-like consoles usually do because it needs to be mobile. So if you want to play games at home or on your laptop, you just need to connect the Switch tablet to the dock using a USB-C cable. The good news is that you can charge your Nintendo Switch while it’s connected, so it shouldn’t run out of power even if you’re playing for hours.

how to Connect Nintendo Switch to your Laptop?

In order to connect Nintendo Switch to your laptop, you need to make sure that the tablet is docked into the system and then connect it to your computer. To complete the connection, you’ll need a USB-C cable for each device so you can transfer game files or charge them up. But you might also want to use Bluetooth so your controllers will work properly.

Here’s what you need to do if you want to connect your Nintendo Switch to your laptop:

1. Plug the USB-C end of the USB-C cable into the bottom of the Nintendo Switch dock. Make sure it fits all the way in and that you hear a click when it’s in place. You’ll know that nothing is wrong if the cable is securely attached to the device.

2. Now plug the other end of your USB-C cable into one of the USB ports on your laptop. If there is more than one, it’s best to use a port on the back for better quality sound.

3. Turn on Nintendo Switch by pressing and holding both sides of the power button. Be sure to press both sides at the same time so it will turn on properly.

4. Keep holding the buttons down and you’ll be able to see a light come on in front of Nintendo Switch tablet. The light should stay solid for about three seconds and then turn off, which means that your system is now docked.

5. All you have to do now is wait for the Nintendo Switch logo to appear on your laptop screen so you can start playing games. This might take a few minutes, so don’t panic if it isn’t right away.

6. Once the console is connected to your computer, press and hold down any button on either side of the controller. You’ll see a single light flash on and all four buttons should work properly.

7. Now you can use your controllers like they’re a part of Nintendo Switch and play games on your laptop without any problems. Just be sure that you keep the console docked at all times or it won’t work as well as it should.

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Important FAQS

How do I connect my Nintendo Switch to my laptop using HDMI?

You have to put the Nintendo Switch tablet in its dock and plug one end of your HDMI cord into it, then plug the other end of your HDMI cord into your laptop.

What is the best resolution for playing Nintendo switch on my laptop screen?

1920×1080 will give you an excellent image quality that’s sharp enough for most people.

Is there a way to connect a Nintendo switch to a laptop?

Yes, you have to plug one end of your USB-C cable into the bottom of the dock and plug the other end of your USB-C cable into one of your laptop’s USB ports. Then just turn on Nintendo Switch by holding down both bumper buttons for three seconds and your console will be connected to your laptop.

Why would you want to connect your Nintendo Switch to your laptop?

You can play games on the go without having to sit at home in front of a TV. Also, you can charge your controllers using the second USB-C port on the laptop.

How do I connect my Nintendo switch controller to my laptop?

Just press and hold down any button on the controller and you’ll see a single light flash. All four buttons should now work properly. You can also connect your Nintendo switch controller to your laptop using a USB-C cable. Plug one end of the USB-C cable into the bottom of the console’s dock and plug the other end into one of your laptop’s USB ports.

What are the requirements to play Nintendo Switch games on windows?

You have to download Nintendo Switch drivers from here. You will need either a microSD card or an external HDD/SSD to install Nintendo Switch games on your PC.


Summary of How to Connect Nintendo Switch to Laptop

I hope that you learned everything that you needed to know about how to connect Nintendo Switch to the laptop. Keep in mind that if you want your game system’s controllers to work properly, there are specific steps you have to take. We also recommend using headphones with your Nintendo Switch because it will provide much better sound than the default speakers.

If you have any other questions or want to share your experiences, feel free to leave us a comment below! You can also connect with us on Facebook and Twitter if you want more information about games and consoles.

Good Luck!

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